The reason why Ouzhan Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  has been able to make steady profits in Shanghai for more than ten years, we think it must be because of our excellent quality and professional service.

Our company invests a lot of money every year to continuously purchase advancedtesting equipment and conduct regular training and assessment of testing personnel. All efforts are to give customers the best quality products

We firmly believe that quality comes first, which is also the belief of our company. We think that only quality can win customers' favor, not low price.

The following is our general testing procedure:

Input parameters

Input parameters

Automatic detection

Automatic detection

Artificial selection

Final detection

Issue the report

①Input parameters: We have an automatic detection machine from Japan, so we only need to input the product parameters for testing.

② Automatic detection: The machine automatically detects the defective products and qualified products according to the input parameters.

③ Artificial selection: The qualified products selected by the automatic testing machine need to be tested manually again.

④ Final detection: Products that have been manually tested will eventually undergo final sampling in the testing room.

⑤ Issue the report: After passing the final test, we will issue a professional test report for customers.